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    Mister Miracle by Tom King Review (Spoiler-Free)

    Mister Miracle by Tom King Review -

    Mister Miracle by Tom King is an intimate and exciting fresh take on the idea of superheroes.

    It follows Scott Free, world-renowned escape artist, on his most daring and ultimate trick to date. Escaping death itself!
    Something is horribly wrong with Scott…

    The perfect little life that he and his wife Big Barda have built on Earth is starting to crumble.

    The eternal war between their homeworlds of New Genesis and Apokolips is coming to ahead. Darkseid, Scott’s Thanos like adoptive father, seems to have finally gotten his hands on the Anti-Life Equation, a devastating mind-twisting weapon of mass destruction.

    But worse of all, “the greatest escape artist who ever lived” may already be in a trap that he can’t escape.

    Is the Anti-Life Equation slowly destroying Scott’s sanity? 🤪

    Can the man that no trap can contain escape death itself? ☠️

    Read this spoiler-free review to find out why you need to read Mister Miracle by Tom King today.

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