About Ninth Art Delights

Welcome to Ninth Art Delights!

We find awesome stories that don’t get the attention they deserve and share them with the world…

My name is Theo and I love graphic novels! Growing up in Europe I was surrounded by the best graphic fiction from all over the world. I loved it!

But when my family moved to English speaking world things changed.

Gone were the classics of Franco-Belgian graphic fiction, the minimalist beauty of Japanese manga and the sheer diversity of high quality stories and art I was used to.

I discovered the beauty of English language graphic novels (mostly from the US) but soon realized that good stories where hard to come by. Sure the big commercial publishers (i.e. Marvel and DC) put out awesome material, but quality varies.

Series that would start out strong turned into flat, disappointing titles once the original story arc was over or when another creative team took over.

Great stories took a backseat to short term profits or whatever marketing thinks is cool today.

I totally gave up on graphic novels and immersed myself in ‘real’ literature until a few years ago.

What is Ninth Art Delights?

Something old, something new. Always fun!


Then I reconnected with my European roots and discovered a whole new world of amazing graphic fiction from Europe, Asia and beyond!

A world I want to share with you!

If you love graphic fiction, gave up on it for ‘serious’ literature or have never tried it doesn’t matter! Ninth Art Delights is here to share the best, and only the best, graphic fiction from all over the world with you!

Discover awesome European gems, brilliant works from traditional and Indy US publisher, and much more!

I hope you have  fun on your journey into the wonderful world of graphic literature.

Happy Reading,