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Mister Miracle by Tom King Review (Spoiler-Free)

Mister Miracle by Tom King Review -

Mister Miracle by Tom King is an intimate and exciting fresh take on the idea of superheroes.

It follows Scott Free, world-renowned escape artist, on his most daring and ultimate trick to date. Escaping death itself!
Something is horribly wrong with Scott…

The perfect little life that he and his wife Big Barda have built on Earth is starting to crumble.

The eternal war between their homeworlds of New Genesis and Apokolips is coming to ahead. Darkseid, Scott’s Thanos like adoptive father, seems to have finally gotten his hands on the Anti-Life Equation, a devastating mind-twisting weapon of mass destruction.

But worse of all, “the greatest escape artist who ever lived” may already be in a trap that he can’t escape.

Is the Anti-Life Equation slowly destroying Scott’s sanity? 🤪

Can the man that no trap can contain escape death itself? ☠️

Read this spoiler-free review to find out why you need to read Mister Miracle by Tom King today.

The Brilliant Return of a B-List Superhero

Mister Miracle was created by the legendary Jack “The Legend” Kirby in 1971.

Just one of many slightly campy characters that Jack Kirby created during his long career in graphic novels.

The creative team of Tom King and Mitch Gerads have taken this 70s second-stringer and made him relevant for today. Without changing what makes Mister Miracle a charming and unique character! (Eat your heart out Hollywood!)

Mister Miracle by Tom King is a wicked cool read that doesn’t take itself too seriously but still manages to deliver.

Our story starts with a fatigued and Scott Free lying on a bathroom floor with cut wrists.

What follows is a disjointed adventure of a performer who is tired of how his work. Escape stunts have become too easy. Nothing excites him anymore. Scott is losing his edge.

So, he decides to test his skills by pulling the ultimate escape, one from death itself.

Getting Off Scott Free from Death? - Mister Miracle by Tom King Review

Can You Get Off Scott Free From Death? – Mister Miracle by Tom King


Fortunately, Big Barda, Scott’s wife, finds him and gets him to the hospital before he bleeds to death.

Or so it seems…

Scott’s life starts falling apart.

One minute he’s speaking to his friend Oberon, the next he’s told that Oberon died a month ago.

He notices that his wife’s eye color has changed from blue to brown… She tells him she’s always had brown eyes. Hmm.

Now, Scott knows he’s not okay. Something is wrong. But what?


War & Crumbling Domestic Bliss Coexist in Mister Miracle by Tom King

Bad news comes to Scott and Barda from their homeworld New Genesis. The cold war with neighboring Apokolips has turned hot. Millions will die as two groups with god-like powers get ready to do fight it out.

What follows is an insane trip into the life of a man who is just trying to live his life with the woman he loves. While also being a galactic superhero that has to put on escape shows to pay the bills.

It’s a disjointed, crazy story that flows beautifully!

One moment Mister Miracle and Big Barda are off fighting against the hordes of Apokolips, while in the next they are sitting on the beach debating the difference between good and evil.

Superheros Have Domestic Lives Too - Mister Miracle by Tom King Review

Superheros Have Domestic Lives Too – Mister Miracle & Big Barda


What makes the whole thing even more interesting is that Scott and Barda know people on the other side of the conflict.
They were both raised on Apokolips. A cruel, nasty, and brutal place -especially for children.

Things come to a head when Scott Free’s birth father, the wise and kind Highfather (ruler of New Genesis), is killed and his adoptive brother Orion takes the throne.

Darkside, ruler of Apokolips, seems to have found the universe ending weapon he has searched for thousands of years – the Anti-Life Equation.

But it may already be too late for Scott.

Has he been infected with the Anti-Life Equation? Is it driving him to take his own life?

And will Scoot Free put an end to the war before more people die?

You’ll have to read Mister Miracle by Tom King to find out!


The Art & Writing of Mister Miracle by Tom King

Mr. Miracle by Tom King is part psychological thriller, part classic superhero fiction, and part mental rollercoaster.

The story is told in a disjointed, fractured way. We aren’t sure what is real and if what Scott is perceiving can be trusted.

A Glitch In The Matrix - Mister Miracle by Tom King Review

A Glitch In The Matrix – Mister Miracle Faces Orion


Tom King shows us that Mister Miracle is a human being first and foremost.

Which is what makes Mr. Miracle by Tom King so subversive.

Everything from the lack of clarity, the disconnect from reality, and the interstellar war is just background to Scott’s relationship with Big Barda.

I love the way their relationship is portrayed.

It isn’t perfect. But there is an acceptance, understanding, and respect between these two that is just pure magic.

It’s a psychedelic trip that makes these two super-powered individuals feel like real people.

On that note, the art of Mr. Miracle by Tom King is stunning.

Mitch Gerads’ art perfectly flows from distorted and disjointed to beautifully detailed. Which creates incredible synergy with the writing.
It’s amazing how much detail Mitch Gerads can evoke with so few lines.

There is a definite appeal to classic comics from the 70s & 80s in the art of Mister Miracle by Tom King. It pays homage to the original while still being fresh, bold, and new.


Final Thoughts

Mr. Miracle by Tom King takes the classic superhero figure and turns it into a modern, human and totally relatable story.

We follow “the world’s greatest escape artist” (move over Houdini) while his life unravels on all fronts.

It’s a tale of a tired, exhausted man who is caught in a millennia-old war. A man who has a deep and intimate relationship with his wife.

Fall in love with Scott and Barda. Question Mister Miracle’s sanity. Go on a wild, psychedelic ride.

And get the answer to the big question. Can Scott Free escape from death itself?

More importantly, what will it cost him? Read Mr. Miracle by Tom King and find out!


The Verdict: 👍 👍 👍 (Don’t Miss!)


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